Successful Presentation Tips

Conference Presentation Tips

   You spent all this time creating the perfect presentation. Here are a few tips that can help it be better received.

  1. Slide and Text Colors are really important. Having a black background with red or dark text may look good on your computer screen, but on a projection screen, it's hard to read. Try using white text or even black text on a white background.
  2. Too Much Text or Size is also something to consider. Make each slide clear and to the point. If your audience has to squint to read tiny text or is distracted by too much text, consider breaking it up into an additional slide or two. 
  3. Use Common Text Fonts in Your Slides- (True Type) Try not to pick uncommon fonts styles. 
  4. Video and Audio - Nothing is more frustrating then having audio or videos not play properly during you presentation. Many conferences require you to e-mail your slide decks in advance. Our advice is to download your audio and video files to your computer instead of relying on links to the internet. Once you have them on your computer, imbed them into your slides instead of linking. Always bring a extra, tested copy of your presentation and your laptop. Not having a backup could really make or break your time and important message. Plus you never know what the internet speed will be like at the event location.
  5. Review Your Slides and Be Organized- Show up early and be ready to go. Make sure your slides have arrived and check them carefully. Different software versions or even a different computer can affect the way your slides look. Examples of this would be: missing photos/graphics, different font, broken links or even wrapping text. 
  6. Avoid Making Last Minute Slide Changes- Most speaking engagements have time limits for each presenter. Don't be the person that starts late or throws off the schedule for others. Your audience will see it and can make you look unorganized.
  7. Know Your Presentation Program- The old theroy "Practice Makes Perfect" is so true. Most presentation programs have slide editing modes for composing slides. Once you're ready to present, you'll need to know how to change it to a Full Screen or Presentation Mode Format.  Not all conferences will have an on-site AV Tech to help you.
  8. You Got This!  Stay Calm and Enjoy! - You get to present information that is familiar. The best thing about it.... people get to hear it from you! 

Presentations tips for building effective conference slides from Big Screen Presentations